nfcAudio is an MP3 player, with audio files selected thanks to an NFC tag placed on top of it. I build this two years ago for my kid so he can play by himself his preferred nursery rhymes and songs, it is still used at least once a week :-)

It is powered by an ESP8266 to play audio from a remote server, an I2S DAC driving the speaker and an NFC reader. Thanks to WiFi we can use it to play local files or any webradio stream from the Internet.


I was looking to use InteractiveHtmlBom plugin for KiCad but unfortunately, Debian maintainers did not set KICAD_SCRIPTING option in the official package. After a few failing attempts I even tested the official flatpak package but it is an old version (currently 4.x) and scripting is not enabled too.

So I dug further until it actually succeeds to compile :-)


I am currently working with BLE beacons -only iBeacons for now- with Espressif’s esp-idf libraries. The aim is to use the ESP32 as a gateway to published detected beacons to an MQTT broker. It was surprisingly easy and I will write something about that when the code will be more polished.

Anyway, by curiosity and to speed up development, I wanted to try microPython port to ESP32, and I did. Unfortunately, BLE support is not yet reliable enough and a lot of advertisements were lost with 4 to 6 beacons. This post is to keep track of my work and, hopefully, use in the future when microPython port will be more reliable :-)