Small hacky script to set regular temperature changes in 3D printer gcode, to easily use “Temperature towers”.

Temperature tower

Temperature tower

I personally use this one, which is a bit small but fast to print.


Use is simple:

  1. Slice your temperature tower with filament temperature set to the highest temperature

  2. Export your gcode to a file, ex: tower.gcode

  3. Run the python script with correct parameters:

    1. file: Input gcode file to be parsed
    2. tower_steps: Tower steps in mm
    3. temperature: First step temperature in degrees Celcius
    4. temperature_step: Temperature steps in degree Celcius
  4. The generated filename is the input name with out_ prefix, ex: out_tower.gcode

Integrated help

There is an integrated help thanks to the -h option:

➜ python temperature.py -h
usage: temperature.py [-h] file tower_steps temperature temperature_step

positional arguments:
  file              Input GCode file to be parsed
  tower_steps       Tower steps in mm
  temperature       First step temperature in degrees °C
  temperature_step  Temperature steps in °C

optional arguments:
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit


➜ python temperature.py tower.gcode 8 215 5
Height 8 mm: temperature set to 215°C
Height 16 mm: temperature set to 210°C
Height 24 mm: temperature set to 205°C
Height 32 mm: temperature set to 200°C
Height 40 mm: temperature set to 195°C
Height 48 mm: temperature set to 190°C
Height 56 mm: temperature set to 185°C
Height 64 mm: temperature set to 180°C
Height 72 mm: temperature set to 175°C
Height 80 mm: temperature set to 170°C


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