I recently wanted to setup a repository for some custom OpenWrt packages for Respeaker. It seems that it is not so well documented, or at least, I did not found it and I have been helped on OpenWrt forum. Also, it is better to sign packages so…here we go!

Prepare the repository

  1. Compile and install usign from here.
  2. Generate key thanks to: usign -G -p openWrtUsign.pub -s openWrtUsign.key.
  3. Put the following script in the IPK directory.
  4. Make it executable: chmod +x repoUpdate.sh
  5. Execute it: ./repoUpdate.sh
  6. Copy the whole directory and openWrtUsign.pub to a webserver.
  7. Done!

Add key and install packages on the target

# Add the public key
wget http://youserver.ext/path/to/openWrtUsign.pub
opkg-key add openWrtUsign.pub
opkg update

# Install package
opkg install newPackage

Manifest generation script



# Generates package manifest
$SCRIPT . 2>/dev/null > Packages.manifest
grep -vE '^(Maintainer|LicenseFiles|Source|Require)' Packages.manifest > Packages
gzip -9nc Packages > Packages.gz
usign -S -m Packages -s $KEY
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