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NoteRF - Sensors schematic and layout

Finally I published it, sources of my wireless sensors are available here. For the record it has: ATMega328 RFM69 wireless chip All analog and digital ports 3.3V regulator Battery tension can be sensed through A7 Footprint for DS7505 temperature sensor FTDI and ISP connectors...

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Dashing - Job to get data from InfluxDB v0.8 database

To use my dashboard, I wrote some Dashing jobs to be able to query some values from my InfluxDB database. There is 3 versions: In Ruby In node.js (javascript) after my switch to Dashing-js A way to update a 'list' widget The third code also changes the background color of a list widget,...

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From to Dashing-js

I recently discovered, which is an easy to use dashboard, which seems to fit my needs : Easy to install Useful widgets available, easy to add new ones Generation of templates for dashboards, jobs, widgets Great design (subjective), some friends find it too close to Windows 8, but I don't use it, so....

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NoteRF - Add a new sensor - Moisture sensor

As I like plants but always forgot to water them, I bought a cheap resistive moisture sensor. In facts it is just two strips of copper wired in voltage divider with a 10k resistor, the IC is used as a comparator to have a "digital" output, with threshold set by the trimpot....

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NoteRF - Why create a new set of things ?

I had a discussion with a friend of mine on "Why the hell are you designing a new PCB instead of buying one" ? And he is right, there is a lot of great cheap boars like Moteino, Anarduino, Jeenode... But on the hardware side: I like to learn Some of them are...

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NoteRF - Some code

As a part of my future home automation called NoteRF, I need some devices other than a Raspberry Pi grabbing weather and pollution data from the internet. I designed a PCB and throw some lines of code on it. Currently, the devices are only sensors, but I plan to implement some actuators latter. Everything...

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Node-Red - Grab pollution data from local services

I am currently evaluating some solutions to build my home automation system. As a part of this system I want to monitor air quality, but, I do not have any sensor yet, so I use a public service and parse its data with Node-Red. I built the following flow which get the data from...

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Install eMonCMS on OVH shared hosting

First, post :) I am currently testing Emoncms as a part of my home automation system, it is a tool to store house’s data and which should allow us to analyse it from an “energetically point of view”. It is a part of the OpenEnergyMonitor project. Emoncms’s servers seems to be quite overloaded...

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