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How to make a LoraWAN GPS tracker

What can you do in a rainy evening when you go to your hackerspace ? Take a NoteRF V2 PCB, a GPS, a battery and you can make a lora GPS tracker ! Solder the PCB Hand solder it or for lazy guys like me, order a $5 stencil from OSH Stencil. Prepare the rig, apply...

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Some fun with an accelerometer

I recently discussed with some friends about sensors to record jumps height and hang time when kitesurfing, which are really expensive and need to wear a phone in a waterproof case. As it is a useless sensor and just to have some fun, I wanted to try with a cheap sensor, an µC and...

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NoteRF - Some code

As a part of my future home automation called NoteRF, I need some devices other than a Raspberry Pi grabbing weather and pollution data from the internet. I designed a PCB and throw some lines of code on it. Currently, the devices are only sensors, but I plan to implement some actuators latter. Everything...

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Arduino - SoftwareSerial library and interrupts

I wanted to use sleep functions of the ATMega (in power down mode), and the Arduino's software serial library: it turns out that all interrupt vectors are enabled in sleep mode. So the workaround is to start the serial communication when needed with softSerial.begin( BAUD_RATE)), then stop it with softSerial.end(). Also,...

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