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Linux - Gnome - Associate an application with a filetype

I spend a bit of time figuring out how to associate ".stl" extensions with Slic3r. Gnome wrote a good documentation but it is not obvious to find. I do not use the package manager for that because I use up to date AppImage. The resume is: Create /usr/share/mime/packages/slic3r....

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LaFraiseVolante - 3D printed tricopter

I finally released the design files of my 3D printed tricopter. Even if code is not so cleaned, full customisation can be done thanks to OpenSCAD. This project was a way to try OpenSCAD for such design instead of traditional CAD like Solidworks and it works really well, it just took me some time...

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3D Printing - Get rid of moisture

We designed a 3D printer in Grenoble's Hackerspace (France), which works really well thanks to its stiffness. Nevertheless, I had some troubles regarding PLA humidity: there is bubbles at the nozzle outlet when it absorbs too much moisture. So I found that: PLA might arrive from supplier with moisture, I had the case for...

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