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NoteRF V2 - LoraWAN compatible

New version of my NoteRF project, its features are:

  • New radio footprint for RFM69 (FSK/OOK) or RFM95 (Lora)
  • Mosfet to switch off sensors or control actuators
  • Edge connector for external antenna
  • Mounting slot for 3 mm screws
  • Fits on a breadboard
  • 3.3V regulator

04/05/2016 - GPS tracker

GPS Tracker
First application : a GPS tracker. More info here

02/05/2016 - All components soldered

NoteRF V2.0 soldered
Everything is soldered and working, can start a real application !
One minor design flow : no pull down for the interrupt line, easy fix :-)

23/05/2016 - PCB + RFM received

After soldering, even if I have not received all component, the radio is working on LoraWAN networks !