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This web service is an IoT logbook and Android push notification server, it can be considered like Twitter but for the big word (world ;-) of Internet of Things.
It is a part of my home automation system: I previously used Twitter as a logbook of warning/errors but it lacks some functionalities, and since few months notifications does not works well on my phone.

Website screenshot

ioPush messages

Android notification

push notification

So the it should be able to

  • Keep record of events - Done
  • Send event to push message if asked - Done
  • Manage users - Done
  • Send push notifications to Android, maybe other OS - Done, Android app to be published
  • Android application -> receive notifications - Tested in the 1st version
  • Android application -> display user's events

What can be logged ?

  • Sensors out of battery warning
  • Pollution data over a threshold
  • Your 3D printer has finished its job
  • Server down
  • Motion sensor triggered
  • A new mail is inside your mailbox
  • Hoarfrost altert
  • Whatever you want to be written :)