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Install eMonCMS on OVH shared hosting

First, post :)

I am currently testing Emoncms as a part of my home automation system, it is a tool to store house’s data and which should allow us to analyse it from an “energetically point of view”. It is a part of the OpenEnergyMonitor project.

Emoncms’s servers seems to be quite overloaded so I decided to host it myself. It should have been easy as good documentation is provided, but, it wasn’t !

First, follow the instructions on the website. Then change the root’s “.htaccess” file to add the following lines

# Set PHP version, otherwise OVH use version 4.3
SetEnv PHP_VER 5_4
# Disable magic quotes

Then try to create an account. If it does not work, but you have just a red box displayed, it could be good to have a look on your MySQL database: on my installation the script did not create the tables. So I commented the if condition in the file index.php

(L57 and L59 in current version)
// if (!db_check($mysqli,$database)) {
// }

Then reload the page, check if the tables are created and uncomment.

Now, it should work! If you are wondering what address you must use for the data folder, it is “/home/yourID/yourEmoncmsData” if you put the data folder at same level than “www” to hide it from the internet. No need to change permissions.

Thanks to Olivier for the ‘magic quotes tip’, I did this article with Emoncms V8.4.0