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Designing an STM32L0xx board

After the STM32L151, I now focus on designing a board for STML052. Following are some notes about ST application notes I read to design an STM32L052 board. All documents can be found here. Datasheet, Reference manual, Errata sheet. Hardware development AN4467 - Getting started with STM32L0xx hardware development Hardware Voltage range, p6 Full speed...

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How to make a LoraWAN GPS tracker

What can you do in a rainy evening when you go to your hackerspace ? Take a NoteRF V2 PCB, a GPS, a battery and you can make a lora GPS tracker ! Solder the PCB Hand solder it or for lazy guys like me, order a $5 stencil from OSH Stencil. Prepare the rig, apply...

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LaFraiseVolante - 3D printed tricopter

I finally released the design files of my 3D printed tricopter. Even if code is not so cleaned, full customisation can be done thanks to OpenSCAD. This project was a way to try OpenSCAD for such design instead of traditional CAD like Solidworks and it works really well, it just took me some time...

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OpenSTM32, OpenOCD and ST-Link debugging

I continue the evaluation of STM32 micro-controllers with a Nucleo-L053R8, a development board for the STM32L0XX family. I tried to use the OpenSTM32 package to use it with the Eclipse IDE and OpenOCD debugger and had to tinker a bit to be able to debug the target : the debug was working on Keil IDE...

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Designing an STM32L15xx board

Following are some notes about ST application notes I read to design an STM32L151 board. All documents can be found here. AN2606 - Microcontroller system memory boot mode AN2606 - Microcontroller system memory boot mode Bootloader in USART1 or USART2 Unused RX (USART1 or 2) pin must be pulled and not left floating AN3216...

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Android - Send a HTTP(S) POST request

As a part of my ioPush Android application, I needed to send a POST request to a secure server. I found some example over the internet but nothing parametric. Here is my code, with optional basic HTTP authentication and headers: Packages importation // Required for httpPost() method import; import;...

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NoteRF - Sensors schematic and layout

Finally I published it, sources of my wireless sensors are available here. For the record it has: ATMega328 RFM69 wireless chip All analog and digital ports 3.3V regulator Battery tension can be sensed through A7 Footprint for DS7505 temperature sensor FTDI and ISP connectors...

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(Not so) industrial reflow process

I wanted to try if a 100% DIY process to reflow a small batch of boards. For about 10 boards it is cheaper to hand solder them than ordering a stencil, but I was wondering if it can be faster to manually cut a stencil and reflow the boards on a frying pan. Stencil...

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