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Setup Pi-Hole & WireGuard VPN on smartphone

WireGuard is a new VPN software, which is described as It aims to be faster, simpler, leaner, and more useful than IPSec, while avoiding the massive headache and using state-of-the-art cryptography. Pi-hole is a black hole for Internet advertisements, ie a server blocking advertisements at DNS level. I have Pi-hole on my home network,...

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Linux - Gnome - Associate an application with a filetype

I spend a bit of time figuring out how to associate ".stl" extensions with Slic3r. Gnome wrote a good documentation but it is not obvious to find. I do not use the package manager for that because I use up to date AppImage. The resume is: Create /usr/share/mime/packages/slic3r....

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ESP32 / MQTT - BLE beacon tracker powered by microPython

I am currently working with BLE beacons -only iBeacons for now- with Espressif's esp-idf libraries. The aims it to use the ESP32 as a gateway to published detected beacons to a MQTT broker. It was surprisingly easy and I will write something about that when the code will be more polished. By the way,...

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Important - Migration to Ghost 1.x

Migration to Ghost 1.0...

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How to setup an OpenWrt repository

I recently wanted to setup a repository for some custom OpenWrt packages for Respeaker. It seems that it is not so well documented, or at least, I did not found it and I have been helped on OpenWrt forum. Also, it is better to sign packages we go ! Prepare the repository Compile...

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STM32 - Custom USB HID device step by step

Step by step guide to do a custom USB HID device on STM32 using ST CubeMX. There is already one page addressing it but without any details for beginners. I will use my custom board based on STM32L0, but any Nucleo can be used by wiring a USB cable to 5V, GND, USB_D+...

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Custom USB HID device descriptor : consumer device (media) + keyboard

For a personal project I need media keys (play, volume, mute, ...) and a way to lock a computer under Windows (Windows+L keys). There is a lot of HID keyboard descriptors on the Internet, some are for keyboards + media but all contains at least one unused byte... Not a good thing for embedded systems...

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STM32 - Log and printf

I am currently using a library which heavily use LOG() functions, which requires to output text on printf() or one of its derivative. As I am also evaluating ST's HAL, I tried to use it instead of low level putc() function. First, we need to be able to use printf() in combination with HAL_...

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